Zen Elegante Wood Burning Suspended Fireplace

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Wherever you choose to suspend your Zen Elegante Suspended Fireplace, it will be visually in command of the room whilst simultaneously blending in. Our Zen Elegante Suspended Fireplace is handcrafted from 4mm cold rolled steel and is able to rotate a full 360º. In a finish that is able to sustain heat up to 650ºc, you’ll be able to keep your living or outdoor spaces toasty for hours on end.

With an included 8mm fireplace grate, you can utilise the Zen Elegante Suspended Fireplace as a woodfire pizza oven. Enjoy authentically baked pizza’s and add that extra flair to your new fireplace.


We recommend using a qualified installer from our list of installers on this page.

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  • Metro Delivery Within 60km Australian Capital City Port: $650 inc gst
  • Country Delivery Outside 60km Australian Capital City Port: $800 inc gst Depending on Postcode

Included in the package

  • Zen Suspended Steel Fireplace
  • 3500mm Single Wall Flue Kit
  • 2000mm Stainless Steel Double Wall Flue Casing
  • 360 Degree Rotate System
  • Stainless Steel Rain Hat
  • Steel Fireplace Guard with Handle
  • 8mm Fireplace Grate
  • Round Ceiling Flange


  • Heat Output: Approx 7kw/8kw 
  • Heat Area: Approx 140+sqm
  • Material: 4mm thick cold rolled steel
  • Overall Height: 549mm Fireplace only (not including flue)
  • Overall Diameter: 808mm
  • Usable Firebox Height: 240mm
  • Usable Firebox Width: 550-783mm
  • Usable Firebox Depth: 550-783mm
  • Usable Firebox Volume: 70.84 litres
  • Firebox material/Seam Fully Welded: Fully welded 4mm steel
  • Main Door Opening Height: 170mm
  • Main Door Opening Width: 740mm
  • Single Wall Flue Dimensions: 219mm
  • Double Wall Flue Casing Dimensions: 240mm/280mm
  • Weight: 50kg (approx)
  • Package: Plywood box

Fuel type

  • Hard Wood
  • Ethanol (With purchase of Planika Ethanol Burner Insert)


  • Stove Bright - Satin Black Colour Code 1990


All Zen Suspended Fireplaces come with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. Your warranty period begin's from the date of delivery. This warranty is given in addition to consumer guarantees and does not exclude them.

We do not recommend installing in Alfresco areas that are exposed to the elements and are exposed to high moisture, morning frost/dew or heavy winds and rain. If the alfresco area is affected by moisture and wind consistently the paint finish will deteriorate quite quickly as the steel is not galvanised, it is not meant to be in contact with moisture or water. Take note if you live by the ocean, salty ocean spray will speed up this process and will erode the paint finish within months. Please check the location with us before proceeding with an order.

If the above occurs, it can be remedied by using a couple of coats of StoveBright Zinc Flat Black Silencer Aerosol followed by a couple of coats of StoveBright Satin Black 1990 Aerosol, available from StoveBright directly or your local fireplace retailer.


Zen Suspended Fireplaces are the most affordable suspended fireplaces in Australia. We are able to achieve our competitive price point by designing for efficiency and manufacturing our fireplaces overseas. Graceful curves, efficient manufacturing and intelligent material sourcing enable us to develop the Zen Suspended Fireplaces at a substantial discount to our competitors without compromising on quality.


AS/NZS Standards

Zen Suspended Fireplaces are designed in accordance with AS/NZS safety standards for solid fuel burning appliances:

  • Thermal Clearance testing of the Zen Elegante Suspended Fireplace
  • Carbon dioxide testing of the Zen Elegante Suspended Fireplace to AS/NZS4012,4013;2014 Section 1.2.3(f)

All tests and certifications have been carried out and performed by authorised appliance tester Australian Solid Fuel Testing Pty Ltd.


The Zen Elegante Suspended Fireplace is required to have 1025mm clearance off the side and back if installed next to a combustible wall (plaster board, timber) or combustible material.

If the surrounding walls are non combustible such as brick, concrete, tile, stone, metal or steel then clearance is at the discretion of the installer/owner. 

Note: If the fireplace is to be positioned near glass, we are not responsible for any discolouration of the glass, breakage or damage to the window system that may occur due to increased temperature radiating off the fireplace. Toughened safety glass would be preferable in this application which can resist a temperature differential of 250c and is not recommended to be exposed to heat exceeding 270c. Please check with your individual window manufacturer/installer.

There needs to be 1350mm clearance from combustible materials to the front opening of the fireplace in every installation and 500mm clearance from your finished floor level. 

A minimum 1315mm deep x 1315mm wide x 50mm thick floor protector (compressed board, stone, concrete, tile) should be used under and in front of the appliance base when installing the appliance above combustible flooring such as timber, laminate or carpet (see joint AS/NZS 2918:2018 3.3.2).

The floor protector should extend 300mm in front of the appliance door and be placed centrally in the 1315mm width. The Thermal resistivity of the floor protector (compressed board) is 0.08m².K/W for 6mm thick sheets.

If the floor is non combustible, tile, concrete or stone, no protector is necessary.

*The fireplace can spin 360 degrees on its spigot. Therefore, if you plan to rotate the fireplace 360 degrees, 1350mm clearance needs to be maintained all the way around the fireplace from combustible walls or materials.

We recommend using a Registered Builder or a Qualified Solid Fuel Appliance Installer who is licensed to perform Mechanical Services Work to install your Zen Suspended Fireplace. Only persons registered and / or licensed in mechanical services are permitted to install a solid fuel heater. As each installation will be different it is difficult for us to estimate your installation cost. It is best to speak with your builder or installer and get an estimate for your particular circumstances. 

We recommend using a registered and licensed installer found on the Australian Home Heating Association website

For more detailed installation diagrams visit our Elegante Installation page here.


To meet the standard of 4.6 metres minimum overall flue height. The Zen Elegante model will come with a standard single wall flue kit of 3500mm including double wall casing and a Stainless Steel Rain Hat for the above ceiling penetration.

This will allow for applications between the following parameters:

1400mm below ceiling (2100mm above ceiling) flue length (2.4m ceiling) to 2100mm below ceiling (1400mm above ceiling) flue length (3.1m ceiling), depending on your ceiling cavity height and roof penetration clearance requirements.

We will supply 2000mm of double wall flue casing as standard. 

If your installation does not fall within the above standard lengths and you require more single wall flue or double wall flue casing please get in touch.

Please check your individual circumstances for correct flue length. As each install is different. 

Please contact us for a quote.