Zen Fireplaces recommends using a Qualified Solid Fuel Appliance Installer who is licensed to perform Mechanical Services Plumbing Work to install your Zen Suspended Fireplace. Only persons registered and / or licensed in plumbing mechanical services are permitted to install a solid fuel heater. A qualified installer will certify your installation and provide a certificate of compliance. If you have engaged a builder, they can subcontract the work out to a plumber who is qualified in mechanical services. See this page from the Victorian Building Authority for more information. Check our list of recommended installers for your state.

As each installation will be different it is difficult for us to estimate your installation cost. It is best to speak with your builder or installer and get an estimate for your particular circumstances. 

Installation Manual for Zen Elegante Suspended Fireplace below:

Click Here to Download Installation Manual

Ceiling Flange Technical Drawing

IMPORTANT: Please do not unwrap your fireplace (firebox) section fully before securing it to the lower section of flue. This will avoid any accidental scratches on the firebox surface while fitting. The paint is still soft and has not cured fully. Curing occurs after the first burn procedure. Once secured you can remove all wrapping.

Ceiling Flange Fixing - Steel Angle Support Bar 

The Suspended Fireplace Ceiling Flange will need to have a steel beam or angle iron support bracket fabricated for above the ceiling in the roof cavity. The Ceiling Flange is then fixed to the bracket. This bracket and associated bolts are NOT supplied with the fireplace as it needs to be custom made for your particular engineered ceiling/roof design. 

The steel angle bracket can be secured to the timber ceiling joists or beams. The Ceiling Flange cannot be fixed directly to the combustible timber joists.

Your installer will be able to properly advise on your particular application.

If you have no ceiling cavity, the ceiling flange can be fixed above or below steel beams spanning two structural walls. The beams need to be able to hold a weight of approx. 200kg.


The Zen Elegante suspended fireplace installed with Appliance-Flue combination has been tested in two positions in a manner conforming to joint Australian/New Zealand Standard 2918:2018, Appendix B.

It is recommended that the Zen Elegante Suspended Fireplace is installed with 1025mm clearance off the side and back if installed next to a combustible wall (plaster board, timber) or combustible material. If the surrounding walls are non combustible such as brick, concrete, tile, stone, metal or steel then clearance is at the discretion of the installer/owner. 

The fireplace can be positioned near glass in an aluminium or steel frame at a distance of 500mm. If the frame is timber the above combustible clearance needs to be maintained. 

Note: If the fireplace is to be positioned near glass, we are not responsible for any discolouration of the glass, breakage or damage to the window system that may occur due to increased temperature radiating off the fireplace. Toughened safety glass would be preferable in this application which can resist a temperature differential of 250c and is not recommended to be exposed to heat exceeding 270c. Please check with your individual window manufacturer/installer. 

There needs to be 1350mm clearance from the front opening of the fireplace in every installation and 500mm clearance from the finished floor level.

A minimum 1390mm deep x 1390mm wide x 50mm thick floor protector (skamol board, compressed board, stone, concrete, tile) should be used under and in front of the Suspended Fireplace base when installing the Suspended Fireplace above combustible flooring such as timber, laminate or carpet (see joint AS/NZS 2918:2018 3.3.2).

The floor protector should extend 300mm in front of the Suspended Fireplace door and be placed centrally in the 1390mm width. The Thermal resistivity of the floor protector is 0.06m².K/W for 50mm thick sheets.

If the floor is non combustible, tile, concrete or stone, no protector is necessary.

The Zen Elegante suspended fireplace installed with Appliance-Flue combination conforms to the requirements of the joint AS/NZS 2918:2018 Standard, Appendix B.

*The Suspended Fireplace can spin 360 degrees on its spigot. Therefore, if you plan to rotate the fireplace 360 degrees, 1350mm clearance needs to be maintained all the way around the fireplace from combustible walls or materials. 

We recommend using a registered and licensed installer found here on our website or on the Australian Home Heating Association website.


To meet the standard of 4.6 metres minimum overall flue height. The Zen Elegante model will come with a standard single wall flue kit of 3500mm including double wall casing and a Stainless Steel Rain Hat for the above ceiling penetration.

This will allow for applications between the following parameters:

1400mm below ceiling (2100mm above ceiling) flue length (2.4m ceiling) to 2100mm below ceiling (1400mm above ceiling) flue length (3.1m ceiling), depending on your ceiling cavity height and roof penetration clearance requirements.

We will supply 2000mm of double wall flue casing as standard. 

If your installation does not fall within the above standard lengths and you require more single wall flue or double wall flue casing please get in touch.

If you know the answers to the following questions we can help you with your required flue length with more specific advice:

  1. What is the measurement from your floor to ceiling where the fireplace will be located?
  2. What is the measurement from the ceiling penetration to the roof penetration where the fireplace will be located?
  3. Is your ceiling flat or pitched, if pitched what is the angle degree?
  4. Is your roof flat or pitched?
  5. If your roof is pitched, what is the measurement from the roof ridge to where the fireplace flue termination will be located?
  6. Do you have to go through a second storey?
  7. What is the floor material where the fireplace will be located?

Please check your individual circumstances for correct flue length. As each install is different. Please contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Included in the box 

  • Zen Suspended Steel Fireplace
  • 3500mm Single Wall Flue Kit
  • 2000mm Stainless Steel Double Wall Flue Casing
  • 360 Degree Rotate System
  • Stainless Steel Rain Hat
  • Steel Fireplace Guard with Handle
  • 8mm Fireplace Grate
  • Round Ceiling Flange (Steel Angle Bracket NOT included)

    Please refer to our list of recommended installers or visit the Australian Home Heating Association link below for a licensed installer in your area. 

    Australian Home Heating Association

    Victorian customers, for more information on relevant installation information please also refer to the Victorian Building Authority Guide:

    Victorian Building Authority Installation Guide for Solid Fuel Heaters