Do you have a showroom?

No, we do not have a physical showroom, we are a dedicated online retailer which allows us to provide the most competitive pricing on suspended fireplaces in Australia.

What is the warranty on each fireplace?

All Zen Suspended Fireplaces come with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. Your warranty period begin's from the date of delivery. This warranty is given in addition to consumer guarantees and does not exclude them.

How long have you been in business?

Zen Fireplaces was founded in 2018, but our manufacturing facility in China has been manufacturing different types of steel wood heaters and stoves for over 15 years. 

What is the total weight of the fireplace and flue?

The total empty weight of each fireplace with standard flue kit is approximately 150kg. 

Can your Suspended Fireplaces be installed outside in an Alfresco area?

Yes, although we recommend that the fireplace should be in a fully covered and dry area and away from the edge of the alfresco area where it could be affected by rain. The steel is not galvanised so can rust if exposed to water regularly. Also do take note if you live by the ocean, as salty air can affect the paint finish over time.  

When will my Suspended Fireplace be delivered?

You can order a Zen Suspended Fireplace directly on the website or by getting in touch with us and receiving a quote, this method allows you to pay a 30% deposit with the balance payable prior to delivery. Once you have paid your deposit we will process your fireplace order and arrange the required flue. Manufacture and shipping time is between 6-8 weeks. We will inform you once the fireplace is ready for shipment to finalise your balance.

Where are your Suspended Fireplaces made?

Our suspended fireplaces are hand made in China by skilled metal craftsman who meticulously shape cold rolled steel into the unique designs that you see in the Occhio and Elegante. Both Zen Suspended Fireplaces have been designed, tested and accredited in Australia to strict AS/NZS Standards for solid fuel burning heaters.

How do I install my new Suspended Fireplace?

As each installation will have different requirements and safety is paramount, we recommend using a Registered Builder or a Qualified Solid Fuel Appliance Installer who is licensed to perform Mechanical Services Work to install your Zen Suspended Fireplace. Only persons registered and / or licensed in mechanical services are permitted to install a solid fuel heater. As each installation will be different it is difficult for us to estimate your installation cost. It is best to speak with your builder or installer and get an estimate for your particular circumstances. 

Please refer to the Australian Home Heating Association link below for a licensed installer in your area. 

Australian Home Heating Association

Victorian customers, for more information on relevant installation information please also refer to the Victorian Building Authority Guide:

Victorian Building Authority Installation Guide for Solid Fuel Heaters

Installation Instructions for Builders and Installers
For our Suspended Fireplace Installation Instructions to provide to your Installer please visit our Suspended Fireplace Installation page for each fireplace.

Is my Suspended Fireplace safe for children? 

As with any fuel burning appliance, caution should be exercised when young children are present and they should not be left alone near an open fire. The suspended fireplace exterior steel does absorb a lot of the heat from the fire, but is still too hot to touch by hand. We recommend the utmost care is taken when the suspended fireplace is in operation and young children are nearby to prevent any injury. Parents should explain the dangers of an open fire to their children and be in constant supervision during operation.

Are the Suspended Fireplaces efficient for heating my home?

Yes, with power outputs of approximately 8kw, each Zen Suspended Fireplace can comfortably and efficiently heat an area of 350sqm.

Which is the best type of wood to burn?

These are the most popular woods by each Australian state as stated by the Firewood Association of Australia:

  • Western Australia: Jarrah and Wandoo wood
  • Northern Territory and Queensland: Ironbark and Box wood
  • New South Was, Victoria and South Australia: River Red Gum wood
  • Tasmania: Brown Peppermint wood

What fire wood should I avoid?

To avoid noxious fumes and health hazards avoid wood from: 

  • Telephone piles
  • Railroad beams
  • Pressure treated wood
  • Particle boards
  • Laminated, stained or painted wood
  • Pieces of old furniture 
  • Turpentine wood
  • White Stringybark
  • Also avoid 
  • Books and newspapers (except for lighting) 
  • Cartons and any plastics
  • Coal 

How do I store firewood?

For the optimal performance of your Zen Suspended Fireplace, it is essential to burn dry wood. The maximum moisture content for a log ready to burn is 20%. Depending on how it is stored, wood can be burned 18–24 months after it is cut. The storage conditions for wood are very important. Wood should be stacked in a dry and well-ventilated location. Ideally it should be stored under a cover, with the sides left open for sufficient ventilation. Do not place logs directly on the ground, but on pallets or wooden planks to allow air to circulate around them. If wood is not stored properly, it can become moist and thus burn less efficiently and emit pollutants as it burns.

Can you cook in the fireplace?

Absolutely. Zen Suspended Fireplaces can be used to cook many different items, one being wood fired pizza. 

When should the chimney be swept?

The chimney should be swept at least 1-2 times per year to remove any build up of soot and keep the flue clean. This will remove the risk of harmful air pollutants and protect you from the risk of fire. To avoid any dangers, we advise calling a dedicated chimney sweep to conduct the cleaning of your Zen Suspended Fireplace Chimney.  

Is there warranty on the Fireplaces?

Yes all Zen Suspended Fireplaces come with our 1 year warranty. More information can be found on our Warranty page and Refund Policy page.

If you have any other question please feel free to get in touch about our Suspended Fireplaces here.