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Please note: Due to the holiday break and reduced shipments and delays at Australian ports due to covid-19, our current lead times are as follows:
6-8 weeks from order date

For a Fast Quote answer the following questions and send to us in the message field below:

    1. Which Zen Suspended Fireplace are you interested in?

    2. What is the measurement from your floor to ceiling where the fireplace will be located?

    3. What is the measurement from the ceiling penetration to the roof penetration where the fireplace will be located? Roof cavity height (Estimate is ok)

    4. Is your ceiling flat or pitched, if pitched what is the degree angle of the pitch?

    5. Is your roof flat or pitched?

    6. If your roof is pitched, what is the distance from the ridge to where the fireplace flue termination point is? (Estimate is ok)

    7. Do you have to go through a second storey? The flue can only go straight up with no bends.

    8. What is the floor material below the fireplace location?

    9. What is your delivery address and postcode?
    10. If it's a new build, do you have working plans available? Please send to